ToonFace Maker App Reviews

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Not worth it.

Its annoying to operate and it is frustrating. Its not worth $0.99.

Amazing !!!

Perfect software for creating toons of my friends. There is only one issue I founded is related with the screen. The notification bar is always in front of the application, making difficult to operate the options but the rest is great. Thanks and ease when is possible fix this issue.

Cute App

Only thing I would recommend is that they need to add better curly hair.


Best of this type program I have seen! Here is my only suggestion to make it absolutely perfect: allow the program to apply the various parts to a photo. The program could add a transparent layer over the photo and the layer saved as the sketch of the photo after parts are applied. Dont know how difficult this would be, but would really be neat to do someones face from a photo. Steve Conway

Awesome but

This is an amazing avatar creater with tons of unique facial objects to customize. Ive been enjoying creating my friends and familys faces but in those several months not a single update was made. Please update! It hasnt been updated for ages and I would really like to see more hair types. This is my only complaint. All of your apps are magnificiant! Thank you

Awesome App!

i wanted to make my face a toon, can you update it like that?

Please update!

I love this app! Just got it then realized the last time it was update was feb 28, 2011! More than 1 year ago!! Can you please update the app? Add hair or something? Thanks!

Worth so much more

My gosh, this app is so amazing. Thinking of buying it? BUY IT. Ive had such fun making all the people in my family and some friends into caricatures. This app actually has the potential to make characters that really look like the person youre making- you just have to use it right. Love it- its so easy to use once you get to know it :) I only wish there were more hair options and the ability to look at a picture of the person youre making while you create the person (stole that idea from another reviewer, and I totally agree with her.) Besides that, this app is so fun!! Buy it now!

Great fun

Makes a guy with two left thumbs like me capable of churning out lively likenesses. Great fun and a bit addictive. .. Read all my reviews on ..


Need bald hair more!!!

Very average

Inability to choose gender, hair,or accessories.

Great looking app for basic caricature.

SUGGESTION FOR DEVELOPERS: Please add a very short "no neck" option, for drawing people who appear to have..... uh.... no neck! LOL As one who dabbled in the caricature hobby over the years I can say that this app has great potential for those who know a bit about the art of caricature. It centers on capturing the features that make us look different from one another and exaggerating those features.


This app is great. It is so much fun to actually be able to customize your person instead of it just changing a picture. I haved recommended this app to my friends as well. :)


I cant change the hair ughhh but i guess other than that its okay

Very fun

Its has alot of choices first time I got it I didnt know it was 99cents so ya lol but its really great nd addicting


I designed all my coworkers and we laughed and laughed...need more options!!!

what about the hair?

i love this app soooo much... the only thing is, the hair options are terrible none of them look good for hair that is down. if the hair selection expanded i would give this app 5 stars for sure!

Photo library

I would luv to able to use my own photos. And jewelry and accessaries would be too cool. Along with make up and more hair color. Maybe dome glitter and tattoos would be cool


I wish u can start from scratch its kinda hard to make it how u want it and I made a toon and I drew it in paper and sold it and Im so glad I got it for free


I just wish you could add thought bubbles and more hair options! =)