ToonFace Maker App Reviews

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Loveeeee it!!!!!

After only 5 minutes, I got soo addicted!! I love making faces and trying to make caricatures of myself!!


This is totally cool! Having a blast with it and love that you can detail everything on the face 


You rick

Update please!!!

Would give this app 5 stars if I had the ability to start my tune face out blank. When trying to do a caricature its distracting to have all the random features already on the face. All in all its a great app and a ton of fun. P.s. More options for jewelry would be cool!

Great app!!!!

Im so addicted to this and give it 5 stars EASY!

Lots of fun

I really enjoy this app, lots of options. I wish you could add a body so I could export it and use it in a comic strip.


This app wont even load on my iPad.... I launch it wait 10 secs and it just closes and goes back to my app directory...

Great app!

This app is awesome, there are so many choices,! But I would like to have the option of wrinkles, for an old person. But other then that its a great time killer. Also more face shapes and minature bodys would be awesome.

Love it!

Its really creative I dont have a problem with it but it start off with a random face which isnt a big deal I give it 5 stars :P


The only way to describe this is. B-O-R-I-N-G this app stinks


I would like makeup,jewelry, and how do u change hair styles

LOVE IT

Im on it all the time great app I would get it!!!


Nice app, I like it a lot. Except for the fact that most of the lips are freakishly large. I think most ppl who want to make a likeness of themselves want to see more realistic features! 

Plsss help

Somebodyy plss help mee i dont know hiw to change the hair and put some other stuff like mustatch or something plsss :) otheb thn tht wOW awesome !!!

Full of options

With all the options and the ability to tweek each and every thing this could easily be worth $3 to $5 but beeing free makes it incredible for a free app. My friends n I had a blast trying to make each other as close as possible as quick as possible...its our favorite new game. Great job blank n thanks for a great app. 5 star all the way

Could be better

This app seems like it has a lot of possiblities...but I think itd be more fun if I knew how to change hair styles and skin color...or if we cant, if we could change those things.

good app but . .

I  this app but how do you change the hairstyle/eyes ?

Omg Im addicted

I cant stop making faces. Im making it like a year book. Different high school students.

Good start, but can be better

It would be nice if you could change the hair. It would be killer if you could utilize the camera or an existing photo and "trace" over it to make a toon face. Now youll have sidewalk street artists come after you instead of Lodsys. Hahaha...


Perfect app you can draw everything, really funny!!